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How travel to Gran Canaria and enjoy with your bike

Go to the web browser and search for flights to Gran Canaria. We recommend this one because it has a nice graphic according our preferences


Look for a direct flight or the one with less transfer / waiting time 

or better arriving / depart times

Also look for bike transport prices ( you can find a really cheap flight but carry your bike will duplicate total amount on one company but by other different flight company can be totally different and better) * Spanish air companies prices are between 40-75€/ flight.


prices varies depending the demand to the destination and season , for example, one common city from Germany (Munich) , Italy (Milan), Astria (Vienna) can offer one week flight trip from 70€ to 360€ in the same month. From England (London , Edimburg) is even cheaper starting prices for the complete flights from 45€. Ryanair and Norwegian are offering nice prices for a week holiday from 53€ for December and January 2018/19 in flights to Gran Canaria from Oslo and Stockholm. If you come from Finland prices are not so bad (170€) but pretty much cheaper to you than for us to go outside from the islands.


When you have approximately which dates are good to fly you need to know where to stay… Our island is pretty much touristic and you will find offers almost in every corner. When our clients ask where to stay we answer what kind of life after rides you are looking for, and here you are

The ones looking for party , beach and live in a tourist city -> South (Playa del Ingles , San Agustin , Meloneras , Arguineguin….)


The Ones more looking for cities there is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The ones looking more local mood can be South - East (Arinaga , Aguimes , Telde …)


Looking for staying in mountains then Center island is the option (Fataga, San Bartolome de Tirajana , Tejeda, Valsequillo , Santa Brigida , Arucas…. and probably we can find easier a trail that finishes/starts near your accommodation

All the options should be announced in or Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions with the place you would like to stay.

The prices vary a lot, especially for the meals and the type of accommodation, but what we recommend is that if your thought is to come and roll trails is that you choose only breakfast or half board because for the lunch you probably are not in your accommodation.


Book your place for your tours with us! We do not have a place for many people, we prefer to be like this and to treat our clients better. So better make the reservation.

When all is planned and dates approaching is time to prepare your stuff & pack your bike .


Pack your bike ! in the next link they will explain you how to

Remember bring on a derailleur hanger or any special part your bike should require. We are on an island and any piece that does not have the bike shop could leave you lying in the gutter. For the rest of common spare parts don’t worry , we should find (cables, deraileurs, tires, tubes, grips, saddles…….. )

About riding gear…. whell our temperatures in Cº vary from 22-25 at the coast to 0-15 Cº at the mountains so you can come ride with short gear but will fell a bit cold at the beginning of the day. About shoes there can be little walk sections so if you ask for recommendation we prefer to ride flat pedals because the little walk/push bike sections can be a bit slippery/ un-corfotable with the cleats ( nothing very determinant).Helmet is mandatory but its in your style which one choose open face or full face.


If you plan to ride only one or two days then probably is better to rent a bike in the island , there are a few choices. But also depends in how is your bike but , we think if you ride three days or more bring your bike is much better option.


Holidays!!!! Don’t be late in the airport , attention to traffic problems and the extra time you need to check in. If you have chosen the option that includes airport transfer we will be there waiting you ( remember to send us your flight number) to load your stuff and drive straight to your accommodation.


Its first riding day , lets enjoy!!!!!

Plan your bike holidays from Germany to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a week to Gran Canaria from most important airports 

Straight flights from Germany : Actually ( June 19 ) there are some pretty good prices to book week holidays flights .



Munich- Prices from there has lowered down pretty much staying from September 2019 to middle December 2019 at 130 - 170€ both ways for a week trip. Also in summer there are some little offers around 180-230€. Most common Flight companies in summer are Iberia and Norwegian. After September you need to add to the previous flight companies Tui Fly and Condor

To book in January - February 2020 flights are now at 120€ to direct flights to Gran Canaria. Normal straight flight days are Saturday , Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bike transport prices are per transfer 60€ Condor, 50€ Norwegian, 45€ Iberia, 65€ Tui Fly. In airport the same day its much more expensive.

Franckfurt- prices are bit higher for this summer compared wit Munich, been cheapest around 260€ for middle July for a direct flight with Condor, and starts to lower prices ending October 2019 at 111€with Ryanair. Seems to be easy to get good fares in all November , December, January, February and March, Except some traditional busy dates... Flights are normally almost every day.

Bike transport are per transfer 60€ Condor , 60€ Ryanair booking in advance always. In airport the same day its much more expensive.

Düsseldorf- Regular flights weekly from wednesday to monday. Summer seems to have good offers from here been cheapest flight prices around 150-180€ until half October. Ending October and complete November you can get easily atwo way ticket for 90€with LaudaMotion.

Its not really clear but seems that Laudamotion follow same bike transport rules than Ryanair.

Berlín- Direct Flights mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Been Cheapest flight in August at 158€ with Ryanair. And starting to lower prices in October with 125€ Ryanair, lowest rate seen is 97€with Ryanair in November. After that December , January , February , March will have prices around 110 and 130€ with Ryanair.

Bike transport per transfer 60€ with Ryanair... booking in advance always

Hamburg- Flights on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. June have still direct flights at 140€ with Norwegian. July is now on 200€ with Ryanair. August Goes down to 147€ with Ryanair also. October seems to be most expensive month to fly from here , being December cheapest flight options starting from 80€ both ways with Ryanair. From november you will have straight flights every day and January -February 2020 you will get prices under 100€ in Ryanair .

Bike transport per transfer 60€ with Ryanair... booking in advance always

Stuttgart- Direct flights Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday (4h 55 min). Laudamotion (Ryanair) has really competitive prices starting at 88€ in November and 72€ in December

Plan your bike holidays from Sweden to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a week to Gran Canaria from most important airports


Straight flights from Sweden: Actually ( June 19 ) there are some pretty good prices to book week holidays flights . 

Stokholm- Direct Flights on mon, wed and sat. Prices starts to decrease in August, September and November ´19 from 180€ with NorwegianIn November there are flights from 100€ with Ryanair. Prices continue pretty much the same been Norwegian flights 70-100€ over ryanair tickets.

Gotemborg- Direct flights one weekly every wednesday with Norwegian with best price for 249€.

Bike transport conditions here for Norwegian.