Plan your bike holidays from Austria - Chequia - Slovakia to Gran Canaria

How to get good flight prices to come with your bike for a week to Gran Canaria from most important airports.


Flights from Austria - Chequia - Slovakia - Hungria: Actually ( June 19 ) there are some pretty good prices to book week holidays flights . 

Vienna- For a week trip with direct flights best option is in November and December with Laudamotion (ryanair) for 106€. January and February are good dates for their offers also.

Budapest - In October 2019 straight flight for a week holidays cost 185€with Ryanair.

Cracow- In September 2019 best direct flight price is 175€ for a week bike holidays with Ryanair

Praga- Best direct flight price for winter season is from Smartwings at 238€

Varsow- Best flight price for winter season november - december - january is from Brussels Airlines at 133€