About us


Everybody of us loves gravity on mountainbike in different modalities and can understand what are you looking for when you contact us to make custom or programmed tour.

More than 20 years of experiences behind us talk by itself. We want you to feel at home and at same time show the best of us every moment we share..

Himar Sanchez Salminen. 

Selfie moment!

At the moment , the main man behind all (bookings, web, advertising, vans, shuttles, locals , guides, trails) but could not be complete whitout a list of big people over him!

Himar…. me, have been over a mtb since 14years old and that has been really lot of time and even i´m not tired, generally pedalling and riding down the hills. Suddently started a competition era that is never ending because still im doing some little things “because they dont let me go “. In resume since the two wheels fever started , all my race life rolled really fast and from some regional races after three years i appeared in some Dh World Cups in the begginings of year 2000 , and continued it racing regularly in different teams & bike brands to year 2006, then i decided to move from elite class to masters. That was not my bike career end because still continued racing all national champs till now and some international races also ,at the moment its nessesary to prove myself .

About results, is not the most important , probabbly because it was never enough for me and allways had fun on bike. For sure i never got the result expected but finally it was not too bad and along the years the final meaning of the sport is enjoy and have fun with your mates. Don´t search now about me, never been world champion or similar ,but anyway i´m happy with my results. If you come with us for sure we can have fun interchanging experiences talking or even better riding before talking!!!

About lenguages, his native is Spanish and Finish , but manage pretty well in English, and can do some words in German ,Sweedish , French and Italian. Always disposed to learn!.

Social media

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/himar.sanchezsalminen

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/himarsanchez/

YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/user/himarsanchez

Mireya Sanchez Salminen. 


She knows everything about Tourism and she reciprocates her time between the office and manage the lifts. If there is a hidden nice place to eat typical canarian food while enjoying the landscape for sure she knows it or when the Plan has been twisted , she always takes an optional sleeve plan!!. She speaks Spanish , English and Finish.

Ayoze Toledo


Ayoze is our extreme rider, always looking further in every part of the trail, mostly in jumps. Really helpful , passionate & experienced rider after more than 15 years freeriding and racing downhill. Good mechanic who knows how to solve mech troubles and leave us continue down. A year working in Italy was great for him to learn language and getting more experience. You can talk to him in Spanish , English & Italian

Sure you will have fun in mtb paradise!

Eduardo Hernandez


 Enduro Boss,started riding at the beginning of mtb era mixing it with surfing, but finally even with surf in his mind makes him go ride everyday  specially when research and develop trails comes on his memories , for him first and then for our guests.....that means when he´s not showing us the trails his brains works for next happy ending trail to make you enjoy next time . "Ciorrrr"