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What we do…

Hello! Great you hear of us…. We take riders who want ride on great trails and also know a little bit more of the hidden side the Island where not much people knows, so we ride in different part of the Island every day because every cardinal point is different and has its own natural characteristic and amazing views.

So what we do is everything involved in mountain bike enduro / downhill starting from bike shuttles (that include road bikes also) guided day tours, custom tours for groups, coaching, mechanic assistance with important knowledge in suspension and also we have our own filming stuff if somebody is interested in get some memories of the riding day or to promote a cycling industry company in best the locations.


From 1-3 riders

20€ Bike & Rider single shuttle

50€ 2h ride Enduro day tour

90€ Enduro/Dh highlights day

220€ Enduro/Dh custom week

*prices starting from, for one rider

From 4 to 8 riders

10€ Bike & Rider single shuttle

35€ 2h ride Enduro day tour

75€ Enduro/Dh highlights day

200€ Enduro/Dh custom week


“Canary Islands, a paradise with the best weather in the world where you can practice MTB every day of the year...”

— EWS (About EWS qualifyer race in Gran Canaria)


“The Crew”

Owner, Guide and Pro Racer

Owner, Guide and Pro Racer

Himar Sanchez Salminen

At the moment , the main man behind all (bookings, web, advertising, vans, shuttles, locals , guides, trails) but could not be complete whitout a list of big people over him

Best Local Guide and Trail Builder

Best Local Guide and Trail Builder

Joaquin Rodriguez

Coming Soon


Iñaki Taboada

Ultra rich downhill guide

Beautiful trail builder


How it´s Gran Canaria weather?


“The island where good weather lives “

With average annual temperatures ranging from 18 to 25 degrees centigrade, Gran Canaria maintains a mild and benign climate practically all year round. The island’s great weather is a product of its fresh and humid tradewinds coming in from the anticyclone from the Azores. These tradewinds, along with the mountainous layout of the island, provide the coastal areas with one of the best climates not only in the Canary Islands, but also in the whole of Europe.


“South side trail views”

The ocean currents have been kind to Gran Canaria and have dictated that the climate is mild and pleasant almost all year round. It even has a marvellous climate in Winter when other parts of the continent of Europe are plunged into darkness and cold.

The ocean currents also dictated that the Trade Winds would blow into the Canary islands almost twelve months a year, moist and fresh breezes that create the Azores anti-cyclone and create one of the best climates in Europe creating a permanent Spring in the Archipelago


“The island where good weather is the tonic”

The temperature of the seawater is also agreeably warm, fluctuating between 18º in the winter months to 22 the rest of the year. This together with the 2,700 hours of sunshine means that you can truly get the most out of your days riding bikes. The magnificent weather of Gran Canaria makes it into the ideal place for all kinds of open-air sports.

People often make the mistake of thinking that if the winter weather is so mild that the summers must be suffocating hot but again thanks to the Trade Winds, they couldn’t be more wrong. The summer in the Canary Islands is mild thanks to the sea breezes, with temperatures around 24 degrees just perfect for endless days practicing our sport.

The fact that Gran Canaria is mountainous also plays to its advantages in that the Trade Winds mix with the varied altitudes on the island, producing many different microclimates. So, whereas on the coast, above all in the South the climate is dry and sunny, things change quite dramatically when we climb upwards and inwards. 

When we reach higher grounds, the sea no longer influences the climate and the mountains reach the clouds, producing enormous changes in temperature between the tepid areas of the mid-hinterlands with their valleys and sub-tropical forests through to the higher reaches. It has even been known for someone to be toasting on the beach and just one hour’s drive away for other tourists and locals to be cavorting in the snow on the peaks.